Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Passing on the baton

This morning I was sat in Starbucks with Harri who I'm supervising on Relay this year. We had a great time talking church, discipleship, apologetics, Galatians etc... Got me thinking about the other seven Relays I've worked with and where they are now. I've had contact with the previous four in the last couple of days.
  • One spent last evening writing up minutes from his local political party meeting in London.
  • Another spent yesterday learning French in Paris which he's a student worker.
  • A third is a teacher in Brazil where her husband is a student worker.
  • A fourth is at the bedside of his newlywed wife in intensive care in the USA - thankfully she's making good progress after a road accident at the weekend.
The previous three I've not had recent contact with, but they're collectively a youth worker in the Midlands, a speech therapist in London and an accountant in Cambridge.

Relay applications for next year open tomorrow.

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  1. Cool :) Isn't it brilliant to see so many spheres with Christians in them!

    I've supervised... a current UCCF staff worker, a nurse, a missionary in Portugal (another soon to go to Guatemala), an IT consultant, two now working with local churches, a primary school teacher, and another currently applying to join the RAF!