Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Forum 2009 Liveblogging: Terry Virgo interview, Ann Brown on engaging culture, Phatfish and some rain

Tuesday continued well. In the afternoon we got heavily rained on before workshops. I had the privilege of interviewing Terry Virgo for an hour and a half - some great questions and answers, I'll try to post the mp3 at the weekend.

In the evening Ann Brown spoke calling us to engage with culture rather than being suspicious of it, or assimilated by it, to be a people who will shape the world. The whole evening will have been fresh thinking for some students so do pray for the outworking of what was said. To truly engage means working twice as hard but imagine the impact of a generation who connect God's gospel with people.

After hours I ducked into a chilled acoustic gig from Phatfish before being collared to be on the panel at the Open Forum (ask any question about CUs) this afternoon.

Our dig deeper track continues this morning where we'll be shooting down legalism and exploring walking it the Spirit, before that Terry has a fine breakfast for us from Ephesians.


  1. hope the open forum went well. I recall some real googly questions in the past.

    Sorry it is so wet. Praying for all at Forum today. Please give best wishes to everyone to whom it would be relevant

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  3. Do you think people will listen to Ann Brown or not? What does engaging with culture look like in the planning of a CU calendar, event feel and experience, events weeks?

  4. I think people did listen to Ann, and we'll see where things go. Ann encouraged an authentic engagement with arts, music, film etc with some great examples from her passion of art from Damien Hirst and Paul Gaugin.