Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Adoption Song by Olly Knight

Nay Dawson and I taught the Transformed by the Gracious God track at Forum last week, we invited our colleague Olly Knight to lead us in worship at the end of sessions 1 and 3, we used his song "Adoption Song". Olly is a member of The City Church in Canterbury.

Once we were far from God, we were His enemies
Our master was our flesh and we were slaves to sin
We were fa-ther-less, and we had no hope
God chose His only son, and poured out all His wrath
Jesus became our sin, perfection scarred for us
We were re-con-ciled, and made alive in Christ

You chose us to be Your sons and daughters,
Adopted in- to Your family.
With no blame and with Your full approval,
Standing as co-heirs with Christ.

Now we may boldly come, towards Your throne of love
Your grace it cascades down, upon our thankful hearts
And You’ve caught us up, in Your eternal plan
Forever we’ll stand in fatherly promises
On earth we’ll do Your will, until we’re face to face
And Your church will rise, together as Your bride!"

Listen to Adoption Song on the Eben facebook fanpage

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