Thursday, August 13, 2009

Your Jesus is too safe (Blog Tour)

Posted as part of the blogtour for Your Jesus is Too Safe by Jared Wilson

Jared Wilson is interested in Jesus.
He knows that there is a problem today.
It's not a lack of interest in Jesus.
The problem is that everyone has their own Jesus.
Their my Jesus. Their I like to think of this kind of Jesus.
As opposed to the Bible version of Jesus.
And Wilson contends that these personal Jesus's are lesser versions, pale reflections and cheap imitations. He is right.

In this book Wilson introduces us to the real Jesus in a style that is funny and accessible, theological and engaging.

Books on Jesus aren't all that easy to find. I can think of John Owen's The Glory of Jesus which is stunning and deep but very heavy going. Or there is John Piper's Seeing and Savouring Jesus Christ which is devotional and inspiring. Or there is Mark Driscoll's Vintage Jesus which is good and funny and in need of serious editing to make it a book rather than just a sermon transcript.

Jared Wilson's book is meaty and engaging, with a touch of inoffensive resurgence humour. What might offend you are some of the facets he shows us of who Jesus is, but that is for you to wrestle with if your Jesus is too safe. This is my new go-to book on Jesus, assuming it gets a UK publisher.

We're given twelve angles on Jesus that hit all the major issues of his identity and work for us. It's not always a comfortable read, because we all slip into the errors Wilson observes, but the humour and style and weight of the content are disarming and inescapable.

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  1. Sounds good. For those wanting the Owen, it is available in the accessible and most enjoyable format in the Banner's little puritan paperback series - "Abridged and made easy to read" by Law.