Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things I love about living in Exeter. 5. Frontiers Church

As a Christian, living somewhere combines somewhere to live, somewhere to work and a church family to be part of. In our first five months in Exeter we found the first two but not the third. My old job in Reading was vacant and I think if we'd been offered that job back we might just have taken it. We went to a church which seemed like the obvious place to be and it's great in many many ways but for some reason it wasn't the place for us. Doubtless much of the fault was ours - we didn't look around and just assumed we'd fit into a church that was technically just like the one we left behind in Reading. The pastor was very kind when we left, which we did quietly and quickly. We continue to have massive respect for him and his ministry and his church and we genuinely wish them all the best with their mission in east Exeter, with much thankfulness for friends we made there.

The first weekend of February 2008 we went to Frontiers Church, after several Sunday mornings waking up sayings "we could always try Frontiers". At the end of the meeting we looked at one another and nodded and smiled. This was home. i can't really explain how we knew. The welcome was friendly, the worship was well led by Matt, Stu preached a stonking sermon, we were invited to lunch with Steve and Liz... the experience was pretty good by all accounts. It's not always like that, it isn't always going to be like that. We found a home.Finding a church family isn't always easy, and all sorts of sociological factors can make settling in tricky - it's group dynamics as well as the friendliness of the church that defines whether someone actually speaks to you or not. What I know is that I love the church and it's good to be home with our church family, one of many great churches in Exeter.

For this season of life, however long it lasts, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than plugged into our church family. And honestly if you live in Exeter I think you'd love to be part of it too, on mission with in imperfect people who have a passion for Jesus and for the people of our city to know him.

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