Monday, August 10, 2009

Warrior Mummy!

Erik Raymond:
“Birth is fraught with mystery, wonder, and danger. As a mother approaches the door of death, she brings new life into the world….In giving birth the woman challenges the penalty of death on mankind for sinning against God in the Garden of Eden (Gen 2.16-17), for each birth insures the continuation of the race. Symbolically each birth strikes a blow on the head of the paradisaical serpent, the champion of death (Gen 3.15). Giving birth was a momentous act of victory. But the regulations of ritual purity did not allow a new mother to exalt herself as divine in her great accomplishment. These regulations relegated her triumph to the sphere of this earth without diminishing her great joy in bringing forth new life.”

(John Hartley, Leviticus: Word Biblical Commentary), pp. 169-170
Another reason women are amazing.

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