Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Genesis 1 - We shall overcome!

This season will the money of Manchester City and Chelsea overcome the champions Manchester United? This season will the style and substance (?) overcome the dour Scotsman in 10 Downing Street. Who will overcome? The stage is set.

In Genesis 1 we find the earth dark, formless and unfilled. It is the beginning, though the plan of salvation has already been wrought in the hearts of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit before the beginning. The Father's plan of amazing grace will be enacted by the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit, to save the elect as the Son dies as a blemishless Passover Lamb.

The Word comes as the Spirit hovers over the waters and overcomes the darkness. He speaks to say let there be light. Glory is revealed. Day and Night come. Form is introduced on the most basic level and the light shines. Moreover, a light is given to rule the day and another to rule the night. Even at night the darkness does not overcome any more. Light rules. The darkness is overcome.

The waters are formless but lines are drawn. In the presence of Divine Wisdom the horizon is drawn dividing the heavens and the earth, the skies and the world, the land and the sea. The formlessness of creation is overcome.

Still the earth is empty but it begins to be populated by birds and fish, creeping things and all other kinds of creations. Initially in small quantity but commanded to multiply and increase, urged on by the King's command. At the climax of it all is humanity. Made to enact the completeness of God's overcoming. To rule over all things under God, to fill in the missing detail, bringing light and form and filling to the ends of the earth. Man imaging a pale reflection of The Man and his bride who truly complete this overcoming, turning chaos into cosmos.

Truly this overcoming only comes in Christ, the light who shone in the darkness, was killed in the darkness but who overcame it victorious. Yet man too overcomes in Christ, bringing the light of God's word and life into the world, not being overcome and entangled by sin. Man overcomes in filling the creation and in bringing dominion over it - taking responsiblity for that which is entrusted to him whether a paper round or high government office. Man overcomes in forming, not living chaos but in order, with a diary and a plan to see a global dwelling for God and man, a community structured and orderly like the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in whom true fullness is found.

By the blood of the Lamb we shall overcome!

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