Friday, August 28, 2009

Fan the flame: Terry Virgo on The Unquenchable Flame

"If post-Biblical church history has a high spot so far, for me that has to be the Reformation. Luther’s explosive rediscovery of justification by faith rocks the boat not only of the corrupt Roman Catholic church but also transforms the whole of European and indeed world history.

Mike Reeves’ fine volume is so well-written that he carries you along with the magnificent revolution. What days they were! What courage and fortitude was shown! How must we live to guard the truths they restored and be worthy of the price they paid in fighting and dying for such buried and forgotten dynamite!

If church reformation and revolution are still required (and they surely are) and you want to play a part in world history, you would be wise to get your own copy of Mike Reeves’ book, read and digest it and help fan the unquenchable flame into an even greater blaze."

Review from Terry's website. More at The Unquenchable Flame website on Theology Network


  1. I really enjoy listing to Mike Reeves on the Theology Network and I'm looking forward to reading his new book. Do you think I might get the opportunity to hear him speak if I visit the Motherland next year?

  2. Best way to hear Mike speak outside the student world is to come to New Word Alive, likely he'll be speaking there.

    Should be some more mp3s from our Forum conference next week, and from my next regional student day in October (on Union with Christ) to keep you going.