Monday, August 24, 2009

A fairy tale in a field

Paul Huxley on a gospel fairy tale in a field makes for a fresh reading of the book of Ruth, with some reference to Glen Scrivener's Who The Man on parables and Christian Hedonism. Paul writes...
"A man finds some treasure in a field, he covers it up, joyfully buys the field and gets the treasure. Does that sound familiar? That's right. It's the plot of the book Ruth. A man, Boaz, finds a treasure in a field (2:4), he covers it up (implied by 3:9), joyfully buys the field (4:9-10) and gets the treasure (4:13). Of course, you'll recognise the story from Matthew 13:44."
I think this sort of works. The book of Ruth pivots on a move from emptiness to fullness, kinglessness to a king, death to life.. which is a gospel movement that has it's origins in a family fleeing from living in God's house to a self-imposed exile among foreign gods, called back by grace, discovered by Boaz.... redemption though comes not through Boaz but his son Obed from whom comes David etc.

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