Friday, July 31, 2009

The Unquenchable Flame

Marcus is reading Mike Reeves first book, The Unquenchable Flame. I'm really hoping my copy arrives soon. Of Mike, Marcus says...

"A brilliant mind combined with a zest for accessible story-telling, with a gentle, kind wit and affections keenly set on God. I don't think Mike would describe himself as a Reformed Charismatic (correct me if I am wrong, Mike), but he ought to be well-known and read and liked in that constituency. "

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Mike is the boss man of Theology Network

Mike is my top choice preacher for our regional Transformission student conference. In 2007 he spoke on The Glory of the Cross, in 2008 on The Word of God and on 17th October 2009 he'll be with us again on Union with Christ. Some of the best doctrine teaching I've ever had the priviledge of hearing.

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