Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Standing by the blood of Jesus

A few days ago Dr Ken MacLeod died of a heart-attack, survived by his wife and children. Ken was a church warden at Trinity Exeter and Associate Dean of Exeter and Director of Clinical Studies for the Peninsula Medical School.

I'd not seen him for 18 months and couldn't claim to have known him particularly well though we were for a while in the homegroup that met at his home. My abiding memory of this warm-hearted and generous father is his passion and tears when preaching on Revelation 12 one evening in Autumn 2007. Ken MacLeod - Revelation 12 (mp3)

Death is always tragic. We drove past the five hearses carrying fallen soldiers on the M4 last Friday, a sobering moment. The for the Christian at least death has lost it's sting but it still proclaims the frustration of this age. Nonetheless, we shall overcome! The Lamb wins! 

Jesus has won and Ken now rests happy with him.

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