Monday, July 27, 2009

Preaching the gospel to yourself

Andrew Bonar hit me between the eyes this morning, when reading his Geneva Commentary on Leviticus...
"...ministers must themselves set an example to their people of constant dependence on Jesus, and unceasing application of his death. In proportion as they who lead others do themselves make use of atonement, will their people also be convinced of their need of it" p167-168.
Which makes reading John Calvin's preface to Olivetan's translation of the New Testament unmissable. Go read it! 

It is of course worth asking what does 'unceasing application of his death' mean... what is it to 'make use of atonement'? Surely firstly it is to die with Christ. As John Kent puts it:

Hail, sacred union, firm and strong
How great thy grace, how sweet the song,
That rebel worms should ever be
One with incarnate Deity!
One in the tomb, one when He rose,
One when he triumphed o'er His foes
One when in heav'n He took His seat,
While seraphs sung at hell's defeat.

Calvin quote ht: JT.

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