Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Gospel according to Leviticus

Charles Simeon:
"In Passion Week [the week up to and including Easter], as I was reading Bishop Wilson on the Lord’s Supper, I met with an expression to this effect—“That the Jews knew what they did, when they transferred their sin to the head of their offering.” The thought came into my mind, What, may I transfer all my guilt to another? Has God provided an Offering for me, that I may lay my sins on His head? Then, God willing, I will not bear them on my own soul one moment longer. Accordingly I sought to lay my sins upon the sacred head of Jesus; and on the Wednesday began to have a hope of mercy; on the Thursday that hope increased; on the Friday and Saturday it became more strong; and on the Sunday morning, Easter-day, April 4, I awoke early with those words upon my heart and lips, “Jesus Christ is risen to-day! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” From that hour peace flowed in rich abundance into my soul; and at the Lord’s Table in our Chapel I had the sweetest access to God through my blessed Saviour.”" (H.C.G. Moule, Charles Simeon,  p25f.)


  1. Leviticus is really a hidden treasure for many Christians. I recently lead my small group in a five part study of Leviticus (we looked at it over six weeks - one of the studies took two weeks to do) and really enjoyed it. My studies are available at


  2. Thanks, I recommend the audios of it at UCCF Forum Conference 2001, by Justin Mote, and I'm loving Andrew Bonars Geneva Commentary.