Monday, June 08, 2009


The second part of our weekend with John & Sue Hosier was a little 'cheese and wine' evening in Exminster (classy, eh!) with some of the other leaders from the church family. Having heard John's 15 reflections on 40 years in ministry and knowing John would be preaching on Sunday this was Sue's opportunity to share with us. These are the headlines.

Saved not just busy.
Enthusiasm for church.
Rejoicing in the gospel.
Visionary - see it.
Amused at people and life.
Nourishers, plan to be hospitable, and nourish souls.
Tender - better to be naive than cynical.

Long suffering, endure.
Evangelists are a rare breed, value them, and do the work too.
Adventurous not timid or boring.
Devoted - everyone is, but what to?
Even tempered with the flock.
Serve in love.
Happy in God from the inside.
Intercession - he intercedes for us!! - be prayerful too.
Patiently endure with people and circumstances.

I love hanging out with Christians who are older than me. I have so much to learn from them.


  1. Thank you for posting this, it is great!!

  2. There is a real world intelligence and insight to these challenges that is feet above most of the teaching on leadership out there. Leaders need a how to too, not just a theology of leadership. I'm reading a book called The Good Book On Leadership which takes a biblical hero and looks at their style of leadership. Enjoying it so far.

  3. Mr Anti-Theology strikes again!! :)

    Seriously, Sue gave us a genuine humble theology of leadership, as I'm sure the book you're reading does. The "real world intelligence and insight" has got to be part of our theology cos its part of the Bible's theology. The alternative doesn't bear thinking about...

    Helpfully Sue and John reflected that 40 years ago when they left Bible College for their first stint in church leadership they really weren't prepared for real leadership, though they had good Bible handling etc. John's reflection is that leadership training today has made huge leaps forward from that in prepared leaders to bring the gospel to people.

    He also commented that he thinks its much better for people to gradually come through into leadership, step by step, rather than going in at the deep end, so that we learn doctrine and life and people as we grow up.

    Our pastor is great at lovingly evaluating people - recognising that the perspective of a 20 year old leader is brilliant in many ways but also lacks the grit and endurance and nuance of life that time and marriage and children and suffering can bring - but you can't "train" someone in those things, instead they grow slowly.

  4. great to see some teaching by a female leader from NFI

  5. We may not have female elders, nor normally women preaching on a Sunday morning - but that doesn't mean women don't teach in certain contexts :)

  6. Yeah Krish, haven't you ever been to NFI Sunday school?