Thursday, June 18, 2009

mp3: One Kind of God, Three Kinds of People (Stef Liston)

mp3: Stef Liston: One Kind of God, Three Kinds of People

from Bible by the Beach 2009

ht: Glen Scrivener


  1. I'm guessing this too would be good from Stef, on charismatic worship. ht: Matt Blick.

  2. Thanks for the link Dave!

    How did your talk on 1 Corinthians go?

    Terry Virgo did a great talk on worship in South Africa that I'd really recommend too.

  3. I think the sessions on 1 Cor went well - hopefully Reading Family Church will have the rest of the 'love the church' audio up soon - the Sunday preach is there, but waiting on the Saturday conference sessions.