Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm yours for two trillion quid! Cristiano Ronaldo and Gordon Brown, Chick Flick and Sermon Intros

Some links for Friday morning:

Jeffery Hill at The English Blog has a quality cartoon from The Times on Gordon Brown as Cristiano Ronaldo

You’ve Got Lies: Chick Flicks and the World’s Approach to Men and Marriage by Beth Spraul, or 'Chick flicks are porn for good girls'... on which I finally watched Mamma Mia! the other day...

Ros Clarke responds to You've Got Lies with Women, Porn and the Romance of the Gospel which is well well worth reading.

Mike Gilbart Smith offers some great words on writing sermon introductions to catch peoples attention and draw them into the subject of the sermon (ht: Colin Adams)

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