Friday, June 26, 2009

Fighting for my cause?

Jason Weber at Hope for Orphans, has some great principles, applied to adoption but worth extending to any other issue we hold dear that our church might not...
"...the people who tend to damage the church the most are generally the Christians who are the most passionate for a cause."
1. How many biblical things do our pastors teach on each week that they wish we would “get”?
2. If everybody in my church “got it” then why would God have placed me there?
3. In my frustration with church leadership, have I slandered them or given in to the temptation to complain?
4. Am I talking to others about this rather than to the One who could actually do something about it?

There are x,y and z things that I wish churches and leaders would get but the way I go about making the case matters hugely. Am I actually going to persuade anyone by what I'm saying? Am I responding to a strongman or a strawman - when I make my case am I responding to the real world? What would what I'm asking for look like? For every question I have for others, I should have plenty for myself.

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