Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Does Chris Moyles Love the Church?

HT: @JoelVirgo yesterday. Chris Moyles on Radio 1, 1hr 10mins into the programme talks about watching a service from Kingsgate Church in Peterborough on BBC1 recently.

He's blown away by a meeting that is "all about Jesus, baptism and having a Happy Day" and notes that he wanted to play the Hillsongs song "Mighty to Save" on his show, but didn't think he could get away with it because of all the stuff about a saviour...

Chris, I'm glad you enjoyed it and would happily assure you that what you saw isn't all that rare. Yes there is plenty of dead-christianity around but rumours of the death of the church are exaggerated. She is very much alive.

Watch That's the Spirit on iPlayer until June 7th.
Simon Mayo on the future of religion, 1hr 50mins into his programme on Tuesday


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  1. I think he wanted to play the song with reference to him being the saviour of radio 1. Slightly different. It was nice to hear people's conceptions of Church being dashed though.

    Comedy Dave: "I thought church was boring"