Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Day After Tomorrow?

In 2004 Roland Emmerich brought us Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal entertaining us with the possiblity of the jet stream moving and bring a new ice age to much of the northern hemisphere.

BBC has a documentary on The Jet Stream and us which illustrates the British obsession with the weather and our reasons for interest in it. The Weatherman says the future of the Jet Stream is the biggest question for the future of humanity.

Perhaps not quite the biggest, but no doubt it has the potential to make some difference. The Met Office and Co now need to be able to predict the future - which is one of the helpful uses of maths and at the same time something that we're unlikely to ever accomplish. The Jet Stream will move north, and south... the universe seems wired for repetitive cycles of things and we find ourselves living in the middle of it, searching for something solid to grab hold of.

On  iPlayer until June 7th for those in the UK.

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