Sunday, May 03, 2009

T4G 2010 The (Unadjusted) Gospel

I was very generously taken to Together for the Gospel in 2008. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Can't see me making it to T4G10 but it's looking like another good conference.As in 2008 Anyabwile, Piper, Duncan, Mohler, Mahaney, Dever, MacArthur and Sproul are the speakers.

ht: JT

Update: T4G10 clashes with NWA10 though if anyone wants to buy me out of a week in Pwllheli to spend a week in Louisville I really wouldn't object at all...


  1. How about any signs and wonders or equipping people to heal the sick? Any prophesying likely to be on the agenda?

  2. I had the opportunity to go to the T4G08 pre-conference Sovereign Grace Ministries meetings which had a different flavour, but led by CJ Mahaney the SGM guys lay down those things for the sake of unity in the gospel. Doubtless the less-charismatic baptists and presbyterians are well aware that their charismatic brothers and sister make this sacrifice.

    No denial of such things, but not exactly any practice either.

  3. Just a musing, and not meant to be argumentative in any way. - but it's often those who 'do' who lay down their 'doing' for those who don't. I wonder if ever those who 'don't' might lay that down?

  4. One would hope that sometimes that would happen. As I've written

    CU unity in principleCU unity in practiceDoctrinal Basis of FellowshipI really think that the don't should in love lay down their preferences more often than they do, and normally when they're in the majority. Which might be a license for more women speaking and exercise of gifts in conferences or partnerships dominated by "conservative evangelicals"...