Friday, May 15, 2009

Summertime Tagliarini and Chocolate Brownies

As the early summer gets washed out just in time for my birthday (on Sunday), I dived back to Jamie Oliver and his Summertime Tagliarini with some ciabatta bread on the side. The beauty of this is that it takes under 10 minutes to cook, and is massively flavoursome.

Meanwhile, my wife decided to make Jamie's Chocolate Brownies, served here with ice cream. The beauty of this dessert requires no explanation.

These are good gifts from God and they were received with much thanksgiving for their ability to sustain us and satisfy our tastes. As the evening sun creeps through the breaking clouds, this seems the moment to cite from Calvin:
It is proper to observe the reason, that, in the use of various kinds of food, we ought to be satisfied with the liberty which God has granted to us; because He created them for this purpose. It yields inconceivable joy to all the godly, when they know that all the kinds of food which they eat are put into their hands by the Lord, so that the use of them is pure and lawful. What insolence is it in men to take away what God bestows! Did they create food? Can they make void the creation of God? Let it always be remembered by us, that he who created the food, gave us also the free use of it, which it is vain for men to attempt to hinder. God created food to be received; that is, that we may enjoy it. This end can ever be set aside by human authority. He adds, with thanksgiving; because we can never render to God any recompense for his kindness but a testimony of gratitude.

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