Sunday, May 31, 2009

Preaching on 'Love the church'

Three weeks today I'm preaching at Reading Family Church on 'Love the Church' - I'm pulling together the material for the Saturday sessions fine, but wrestling at the moment with what text to preach on the Sunday morning to serve the church and stir their love for Christ's church. 'Fam' has a dear place in my heart after years serving the Reading churches through serving the University CU and through the friendship and partnership I've shared with two of their elders. The church should be treated well and I'm particularly keen to serve them helpfully. Ephesians 3:10 is top of the pile at the moment but the possibilities are multitudinous. Your prayers (and suggestions) appreciated this week.

Great time with our church family today, worshipping the Triune God together this morning, Christ the Holy, Holy, Holy proclaimed by Jon Fielder - wowed again by Christ's claims to be God, and the Jews knew it hence they tried to stone him for blasphemy. And then seeing the death and resurrection of Jesus proclaimed under the very sunny skies of Exmouth beach as we baptised two church members.


  1. We'll be praying for you.
    Some thoughts: Many people talk about what's wrong with the church and why not to love it but there is much to love.

    Christ's Church (Eph.5:25-27)
    In Christ's church there is: 1.Action 2.Adoration 3.Adversity 4.Appearance 5.Anticipation
    Christ's church is a completed church:
    I.There's a Proper Personal Relationship (v.25)
    II.There's a Proper Program (v.26)
    III.There's a Proper Prospect. (v.27)
    What Is Right With The Church(Mt.16:18;Eph.3:21)
    1.The Foundation is right(Mt.16:18;1Cor.3:11)
    2.The Leadership is right(Eph.4:11-15;5:23)
    3.The Commission is right(Mt.28:18-20;Mk.16:15)
    4.The Doctrine is right(1Tim.3:15;Eph4:11-14;Jude 3)
    5.The Perpetuity is right(Mt.16:18;28:20)
    6.The Rewards are right(Rev.22:12)

    There's alot to love about the church. We love what we are committed to and we get out of something what we put into it. If we should love our wives like Christ loved the church, we probably ought to love the church like Christ loved the church.


  2. I'm keen to revel in Christ and the church - easy to pick faults but since Christ is the good husband who doesn't do that it's a joy to revel in his grace to her.