Friday, May 08, 2009

More food from The Vicar's Wife and from Jamie Oliver

Continuing to cook new meals with Jamie Oliver's Old School Pork Chops from earlier this week. Plain old pork chops made tasty with apple and cheese and rosemary.

This evening we returned from Jamie Oliver to Elisa Beynon (The Vicar's Wife) and I cooked her Chicken with Boursin and Bacon with a white wine sauce, plus her Leeky Mash.

Followed by Elisa's Maman's Tarte aux Fraises, cooked by my wife at her insistence.


  1. Awesome stuff - I just blogged my first ever post about something I cooked last night. How come all the uber-missio guys blog about music and art and facial hair and all kinds of cultural stuff but not food?

    BTW, We're just coming into winter over here, which means slowwwwwwww cooking - Leeky Mash sound like a must-try!

    Oh, yeah, I came over to check out your Galatians posts - sidetracked by the Chicken with Boursin and Bacon.

  2. Food = tasty. Bible = tasty.

    I'm trying to learn to cook some new meals each week.

    And then I might try to write up a theology of food sometime.