Friday, May 08, 2009

Genesis (Ricky Gervais)

I'm starting to sketch out an evangelistic series on Genesis 1-4, obviously commentaries are helpful, but I've also found myself picking up Mary Shelley's Frankenstein again, the story of a man who turned god and made monster. I've been looking at John Calvin, Peter Leithart, Jim Jordon, Derek Kidner, Francis Schaeffer, Steve Levy and Ricky Gervais on Genesis. The latter is obviously not so much a technical commentary, but useful to consider how Genesis goes down with readers who aren't Christians...


  1. What a great and diverse bunch of commentaries!

  2. I probably do have enough now (I missed Matthew Henry off the list too), but recommendations are welcome on any others.

    Its looking like my idea of projects on Genesis and Ecclesiastes evangelistically might merge a bit - there's so much overlap.

  3. Hey Dave,

    Did an evangelistic series on Gen 1-2 recently and think it is an amazing place to preach from in terms of explanatory power. Found Bruce Waltke's commentary to be a very helpful companion.

    Am just about to start Gen 4-11, and am reminded of Eddie Izzard on the flood: God's equivalent of an Etch-a-sketch!

    Strength to your arm

  4. I'm enjoying the process, hoping I'll be able to convince a CU to let me use the material sometime.

  5. Wenham's always worth a look, if just fo the scholarship. He provides the detailed textual analysis that (ultimately imho) supports the theology of Calvin, Leithart, Kidner etc. (but not Gervais).