Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Front Edge: South East Conference (May 16th)

‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples…’ Jesus (Matt 28)

This Front Edge Conference is designed to inspire and equip you to become increasingly effective in personal evangelism and motivate you to play your part in building evangelistically minded churches which see hundreds of people come to Christ.

The theme of the conference is Authority:

The Authority of Christ: How much authority does Jesus Christ actually have? Is His mission in the world going to be successful? Does the name of Jesus really have authority over sickness and disease?

The Authority of the Believer: Do we have real authority as His followers – to heal the sick, to help those who are suffering and bring positive solutions to peoples’ lives?

The Authority of the Gospel: Is the gospel message still relevant and powerful? Can we grow in confidence as individuals so that the conversations we have and the friendships we build have a genuine effect?

Join us on Saturday 16th May, at the Kings Centre for a day of inspiration and equipping.

There will be guest services in Newfrontiers Churches throughout SE England on Sunday 17th May 2009.  Please click here to see the conference flyer, including booking form. To book, please print out the booking form and mail it with a cheque.

Seminars. There will be four seminars to choose from:

Seminar A. Leadership Seminar: ‘Missional Leadership: Learning to be missional as an individual, as a Leadership Team and as a local Church’ – Joel Virgo

Seminar B. Challenging Question: What about other religions? – Adrian Holloway

Seminar C. Leading People to Christ Effectively – Steve Hurd

Seminar D. Getting to know our Muslim Neighbours - Nick Chatrath
"What is Islam? What is the difference between various kinds of Islam? This seminar will attempt to answer these questions and will also be extremely practical, with lots of ideas for getting alongside and influencing Muslims.”

A bookstall with recommended books and resources will be at the conference. For directions to King's Church, please click hereParking: For the Front Edge conference and on Sundays car parking is available in Rathfern School, Rathfern Road. Please use this facility rather than parking in the residential roads surrounding the church. Please do not park on Catford Hill. For more information, please see the flyer or call 020 8690 4646.

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  1. What a motley crew. One sounds like a throat sweet, the other was saved at a Graham Kendrick concert and another seems to be sporting chains. Sounds fun though!