Thursday, May 14, 2009

Christ is proclaimed in the Old Testament, not ‘pointed to’

The Christian reads Leviticus 16.
‘It is relatively unsurprising to me that the manner and circumstances of Jesus’ death line-up exactly with the gospel as proclaimed in the Day of Atonment. That is why the rituals were given.’ The direction of travel in interpreting these things is not to examine at the accounts of the crucifixion, then clasp our hands to our mouths when reading Leviticus 16. We should read the Pentateuch, and nod knowlingly when we reach the Gospels. Christ is proclaimed in the Old Testament, not ‘pointed to’;
And likewise, when Jesus preaches the Old Testament he preaches himself, when Philip preaches Isaiah 53 the Ethiopian wants to get baptised, when Paul preaches it he says I am saying nothing beyond what the prophets and Moses said would happen.


  1. Hi Dave - good to be reminded of the centrality of Christ in the OT. But why the dichotomy? Why pit proclamation of Christ against the pointing to Christ. Typology, precedence, ethical standards, foreshadowing and unresolved tension/paradox ALL have their part to play in the unified message and purpose of the Scriptures as much as clear prophetic description. To undermine them is actually to make the Scriptures a far more pallid entity than they really are.

  2. incidentally - do you know who the bod(s) behind Christocentrism are? Would be interested to know - shame they don't say on it.

  3. I think that's a fair point - it's got to be both hasn't it.

  4. Yeh, anonymous blogging is somewhat annoying. I almost didn't quote it because of that.

  5. Thank you for the comments.

    The point I hoped to make is that Christ is not faintly echoed or roughly sketched out in the Old Testament, later to be revealed by the New. He is present, known, and trusted by the saints. From that point of view, he is far more than 'pointed to'.

    What is pointed to, however, is his work- incarnation, life, death, resurrection, ascension. That is shadowed-out before his incarnation. Apologies if I could have been clearer here.

    I'm sorry to remain anonymous for now- I appreciate the frustration, but will continue for the time being. Please don't stop speaking to me!

  6. Keep blogging and we can keep conversing Christocentrism, it's just easier to talk with people when you have a name, a face, a church...