Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Big One: The 1 Chronicles 1-9 Genealogy

If we think Matthew 1:1-18 is offputting, try Chronicles which opens with nine chapters of genealogy...

Stephen Dempster writes:
"Chronicles, the last book of the Hebrew Bible...begins with the genealogy of Adam and moves through the genealogies of the tribes of Israel. In particular, the genealogy of Judah is placed at the front of the list, and David's ancestors and royal descendants are prominently featured. After the remainder of the genealogies, history begins in 1 Chronicles 10 with Saul's demise and David's rise. The capture of Jerusalem and the reign of David become the focus of the next nineteen chapters. Again it is as if all history has been waiting, in this case not for Abraham, but for David from the tribe of Judah. Or in the words of Walter Bruggemann, all history is regarded as a footnote to David..."
Stephen Dempster, Geography and Genealogy, Dominion and Dynasty, p73, Biblical Theology edited by Scott Hafemann
Ed Goode observes:
"...tells us something marvellous about God's plan and purposes being worked out. About the scepter truly never departing from Judah."

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