Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stamping heavenly glory upon the contemplating soul

I love the puritans for their earnest devotion to the obvious. Such as this from John Flavel in A Fountain of Life Opened Up on the centrality of Christ:

"the studying of Christ in the gospel, stamps such a heavenly glory upon the contemplating soul"
(2 Corinthians 3:18).

"[Preachers] it is our calling, as the Bridegroom’s friends, to woo and win souls to Christ, to set him forth to the people as crucified among them, Gal. 3: 1, to present him in all his attractive excellencies, that all hearts may be ravished with his beauty, and charmed into his arms by love: we must also be able to defend the truths of Christ against undermining heretics, to instil his knowledge into the ignorant, to answer the cases and scruples of poor doubting Christians...let the knowledge of Christ dwell richly in us.... Take heed that you rest not satisfied with that knowledge of Christ you have attained, but grow on... sequester yourselves to this study."

Tony Reinke has more from Flavel

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