Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seven Days on Sabbatical

1. Walk of Witness in the city centre - watching the passion narrative enacted on Good Friday.
2. Cooking on Sabbatical with Jamie Oliver. The pasta worked. The lamb worked. The veg worked. The cake didn't rise.
3. Teignmouth beach on a sunny day. You have no idea how blown away we still are that we got sent to Devon.
4. Season Six of The West Wing. All change but good change.
5. Duck racing at Fingle Bridge. We didn't know this was happening but we arrived just in time for the action.
6. Lunch with Em and Zach in Costa Coffee. Chilled family time followed by time in the good book.
7. Musing on the Wisdom Literature, especially Proverbs and The Song of Songs... Refreshed to see Christ our Wisdom, and Christ the husband of the church!
7a. Spotify. Started out with Classical and now moved on to studying to the sounds of Spotify 80s: Anyone for Huey Lewis' The Power of Love or a bit of Dire Straits Brothers in Arms...

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