Thursday, April 02, 2009

Preaching: Holding a brief for the great King who has sent me as his ambassador

Sean Lucas on preaching: "What that means is that though my preaching explains the text, it is not meant to be an in-depth technical treatment of a particular text. I can do that and I do that when I teach a Bible class; but preaching is not that kind of thing. That is not to say that I don't teach or do my homework when I preach--I do and am constantly pointing people to what the Bible says (often you'll hear me say, "Look at verse 4; see what it says there..."). But preaching is ultimately about persuasion--I'm holding a brief for the great King who has sent me as his ambassador. I am before the congregation to persuade them that God is the greatest being in the universe, the only one who can truly satisfy their deepest longings and desires."
Lucas moving to be Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Missisippi.

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