Thursday, March 12, 2009

MP3: You can't take the Bible literally (Andrew Wilson)

Andrew Wilson of Kings Church Eastbourne at St Marys Hailsham: You can't take the Bible literally?  (35mins)
Answer: Not yes, not no, but it depends...

ht: Lou
More at: Kings Church, Eastbourne


  1. St. Mary's is my dad's church :-)

  2. And therefore, get yourself to Brighton this year.

  3. How does that follow as a 'therefore'...

    But as you said Paul and Apollos aren't gonna be there! I did ask Joel Virgo to invite Matt Chandler, but it didn't happen...

  4. I guess Chandler would be a bit like Driscoll, though in some ways I'd say even better - ploughing through his Ecclesiastes series as I was prior to recent events.