Sunday, March 22, 2009

Seven Days Of Being A Father With L-Plates

Our son is nine days old and I've been experiencing the explusive power of a new affection which has kept me from doing lots of the things I might otherwise have been doing, along with the consuming power of sleeplessness which has a rabid appetite for life.

1. It's been a week of discovering my selfishness afresh. I like to think I'm not selfish but my frustration with my wife, with myself etc would suggest I have growing to do.
2. It's been a week of struggle to endure, particularly in the middle of last week we were really struggling with parenting. I've never felt so helpless and exhausted as we need on Wednesday and Thursday.
3. It's been a week of gratitute, our church family who we only joined just over a year ago have fed us and promise to continue to do so for another nine days, with our parents living 85-220 miles away that's all the more helpful.
4. It's been a week of deepening respect for our parents, both for parenting us but for their new life-saving roles as grandparents.
5. It's been a week of increasing love for my wife, I have never been more proud of her for the way she has poured herself out for our son in carrying him, birthing him, feeding him etc.
6. It's been a week of thankfulness that the Lord remembered us and gave us the gift of our son. I see newly how deep the love of God is to love us though we don't return his kindness. My son is so dependent upon us just as we are on our Father in heaven.
7. It's been a week at the end of which I'm aware of my need of God's grace in the Lord Jesus more than I ever thought I needed it. Sinful, saved though I am - I am found in Christ and that is my salvation and my sustaining and in him I've found myself savouring the challenges and the thrills of being a father. Life is strangely more substantial.

ps: I've still read blogs a bit this week and I really appreciated Glen Scrivener's thinking about divine comedyDaniel Blanche on questions you can always ask. Both Daniel and Glen are bloggers not to be missed. and


  1. and!? (cliffhanger ending there, sir!)

  2. Evidently I'm still a bit tired...

  3. The first six weeks are rock hard I reckon. It gets easier from the tiredness/ sleeplessness / cluelessness point of view after that. Though I gather from parents with teenagers that it never gets 'easy' in a proper sense.

    Love and prayers for both you and Mrs Bish.

  4. Glad you're coping and growing Bish - here's hoping there's some more sleep somewhere on the horizon.

    Thanks for the linkage, by the way - I'll try not to write anything heretical whilst I'm billboarded at the top of your blog ;o)

  5. Keep loving Him so you can better love her and him ;-)

  6. Being a parent is, without question, one of the most frustrating, demanding, tiring, delightful, rewarding (somewhere around here I run out words...), stupendous (yes, definitely that!) things to happen. I promise you it gets better, (and worse)...for the next 20/30 something years. And then it all happens again when you kids become parents too. What a wonderful, creative God we have!

  7. praying for you still :o) praying most that you and Em will love Jesus as your highest love so that wee Zachary will grow up seeing a great testimony to Greater Grace!