Monday, March 02, 2009

MP3s: South West Christian Unions Leaders Conference

Last weekend was the South West CU leaders Weekend. Due to impending parenthood (we're still waiting) I didn't go to the biggest weekend in my diary... but the student missions leaders were left in the safe hands of Pete Greasley and the SW team. By the reports I've heard Pete served us very well and I'm exceedingly thankful for his partnership in the gospel with us. More from Pete Greasley and the guys at Christchurch Newport

Pete Greasley - 1 Corinthians 15 - not recorded
Pete Greasley - Living in the world
Pete Greasley - "I thirst"

"We are the Christian Unions" Workshops
(1) We are being transformed - Kenny Robertson
1.1We are being transformed... together in the gospel - Kenny Robertson  
1.2 We are being transformed by the word - not recorded
1.3 We are being transformed in the heart - not recorded
1.4 We are being transformed in the details of our lives - not recorded
(2) We are on mission - Kenny Robertson - not recorded
2.1 We are on mission globally - not recorded
2.2 We are on mission strategically - not recorded
2.4 We are on mission prayerfully - not recorded
(3) We are image bearers - Kenny Robertson - not recorded
3.1 We are image bearers who love the church - not recorded
3.2 We are image bearers who use resources well - not recorded
3.3 We are image bearers who study for Jesus - not recorded
3.4 We are image bearers who lead - not recorded


  1. Pete's a top dog, I'm sure his hands were more than safe. As my old cricket coach used to say, "Catches Win Matches!"

  2. Safe hands indeed, though I've never known a preacher offer people the opportunity to vote on which subject they'd like for the saturday morning... some sort of crazy charismatic casting lots mentality perhaps :)