Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whoah, that just felt like Christianity

[Francis] Chan talked about a gang member who got saved and then baptized in his church yet disappeared a year later. A leader in the congregation noticed and sought him out and asked “What happened?” He said “I had the wrong idea about what I thought church would be. I thought it would be like family, a different kind of family. See, when I was in the gangs, we hung together, watched each other’s backs, took care of each other, we committed to each other 24-7, not just two meetings a week. When I got here, it was like each one was on his own. There was just no reason for me to be here with these people.” Chan said this broke his heart. The gang was better at being the church than the church was at being the church. Story Two:  Chan met with the elders over this (I presume)....They saw in themselves what this gang member saw in the congregaton. And they started to break it down and commit to each other...“I commit to take care of your kids if you die.” “What is mine is yours.” (go read the rest of the story)

ht: Milton Stanley

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