Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What's the best book on Christian understanding of the law?

This week we've had Mike Reeves giving us four hours of teaching the Psalms... Mike's asked me not to put those mp3s online, but I think I can put this 2 minute extract up (I'll see if I can fish out a few other helpful clips soon). In it, Jim Walford asks Mike Reeves: "What's the best book on Christian understanding of the law?" (which seems to be the pet subject of my team this year...)

Download clip


  1. Great answer! Love it a lot.

    For an alternative (less spiritual answer)...chatted to Douglas Moo over coffee today (about what to read about the law!!). Carson actually recommends his chapter in "five views of the law" published Zondervan.

  2. ..."chatted to Douglas Moo"... get you name dropping...

    I guess Romans might be next on the list (and we did spend some time in Romans outside of those 2 mins!)

  3. Best line in that clip is when he's talking about early church apologetics with Judaism:

    'in being an unchristian Israelite you don't worship the Lord anymore'

    Love it.

  4. Am I being an idiot, I can't find the clip!

  5. I was using a macromedia plugin to live-play it. you can download it with a link now.

  6. Good stuff. Love to hear any more clips you've got.

  7. Do you know if he will make these four hours of teaching available on another site?

    I loved his sermons from the psalms last year.

    Thanks, at least, for the clip.

  8. I'm up for asking Mike if I can put the full mp3s online, but I suspect he'll decline again...