Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sermon: This is our gospel, there is no other (2 Cor 11, Stu Alred)

I love our church. I love that we're in a family on mission who love the sound doctrine of the gospel because we love Jesus. This mornings meeting was no exception. Matt led us in worship of Jesus, and then Stu Alred preached from 2 Corinthians 11 (download mp3).

It was a very un-English and yet very Christian preach that called us to stay with the Christ we're betrothed too, and not to be deceived into falling for a different Christ, a different gospel or a different Spirit. It's God on his own terms as he reveals himself or we have nothing at all.

Would any man tolerate a different bride walking down the aisle to the one he agreed to marry? Paul is the most tolerant of men when it comes to bridging cultural divides but he wont tolerate alternative gospels. In our city there are Mormon Jesus' preached, and Islamic Jesus', New-Age Jesus', Liberal Jesus' and many more. Strikingly in the last couple of years two Christian bookshops have gone out of business in Exeter but the Spiritualist shop remains in business. People love other gospels, nonetheless we must stay true to Jesus.

1. The rocky engagement (1-4)
2. Paul's defence (5-11)
3. Paul's attack (12-15)

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