Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Interview: Table Talk 6 - Sanctification

Mike Reeves interviews my supervisor Tim Rudge:

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  1. Just got a new book on sanctification. Five Views edited by Gundry. It gives the Wesleyan, Reformed, Pentecostal, Keswick and Augustinian-Dispensational views a fairly good airing. It's by Counterpoints (1987) seems quite well researched so far.

    I'm left with a question coming from my experiences of non-denominational ministry. What view on sanctification does this talk represent? Reformed? I'd be pretty sympathetic to it if is was - I am yet to listen to it. I love reformed theology and it's insights into sanctification are among the most helpful that I have heard. However, that is not my issue here.

    I want to know what a non-denominational model of sanctification looks like? Should this be a subject that a non-denominational organisation avoids, in all but the most universal terms and concepts?

    This is important because it is becoming clearer that people reject CU involvement not because of fundamental disagreement but because they are not so keen on the teaching / discipleship teaching style.

    Make any sense?

    I think it's a more serious question than a "Let's put Jesus/gospel in the middle of everything" answer, so let's skip that bit.