Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seven Days - Lots of FREE stuff

1. FREE at Exeter University - struck by the clarity of John Risbridger's talks, the numbers attending and the way that Bostons Tea Party is a great venue. Encouraged by Dan giving his first lunchbar talk. Dan and Catherine led the evenings well and seeing a Relay worker being given a rose, in public, by a student, at an evangelistic moment was priceless. Big up the local church guys and the SW relays for serving. Christianity Explored starts on Monday in Wetherspoons, and I've heard of at least a couple of students who chose to become Christians during the week.
2. FREE at Plymouth University - struck by CU guests telling me how genuine peoples questions have been. Photos from Pudding event at Plymouth. Great to have Robin Sydserf and a team from Cornhill serve there.

3. FREE at Bath University - I love the CU at my alma mater, they've made it normal to have two weeks like this each year (November and February) which is great, and they learn how to run them well because of this. Charlie Skrine and his team were excellent but all the events stand on a sure foundation of genuine friendships that the CU members have with other students. Bitesize course starts Thursday in Starbucks.

4. News on UCCF Bloggers from other FREE weeks around the country last week. And more to come! Good stories from Newcastle, Southampton, Surrey and more...

5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Great fx, captivating story, unlikeable characters that left me pondering time and relationships. More to think on yet. First cinema trip since Question of Sport back in October.

6. Kenny, Claudia and Hannah. I always enjoy time with the staff. Alex and Jim next week. Especially in the context of CU mission weeks and when we've been able to open up Genesis 14, Galatians 6 and 1 Corinthians 14 together.

7. The Freedom of a Christian by Martin Luther. Outstanding. Review to follow. Great on union with Christ, great on the word of God (Bible, gospel and world-making). I have it as a book, but you can read online at Theology Network


  1. thanks for the mission updates.

    With you on Luther, but I found The Curious case was a big let down.

  2. I enjoyed it, but either its not as good as it thinks it is, or there's more going on in terms of the story its trying to tell... it's pretty saccharine and yet you have these very selfish characters and their self-focussed view of time and relationships. Interesting...

  3. Love the photo of Lauren! Christianity Explored starts Friday on campus in Plymouth :)

  4. "4. News on UCCF Bloggers from other FREE weeks around the country last week. And more to come! Good stories from Newcastle, Southampton, Surrey and more..."

    Where are the good stories from Southampton there? I know there are good stories, having been there, but I can't find them on the UCCF bloggers...

    Also, Southampton did not hold a FREE week. There seemed to be lots of different names used, but FREE wasn't one of them (FREE Gospels were given out, and parts of Mark was the text used for evening talks). Jesus week, Events week, "Who do you say I am?", but not FREE week.

  5. Hi Si, i heard thru facebook, FREE or not it's gospel

  6. Dave - you implied that it was news on the UCCF bloggers about Southampton, grouped together in that paragraph, also that the week was called FREE - I was just being a pedant.

    For those who haven't heard via other media, SUCU had well attended (though not as busy as last year - less Christians, I think) talks, good questions, lots of internationals studying the Bible with us and wanting to continue to do so in the coming weeks. One person became a Christian with no background knowledge, but a great hunger, after simply asking what our question sofa was and having the gospel explained to him. There's no doubt more, but I've either forgotten already or not heard.

    LOL - my word verification is mormonac: those LDS get everywhere.