Friday, February 13, 2009

"media savvy non-confrontational strategies for those gripped by the natural world"

We've had three fascinating guests stay with us in the last 10 days, firstly Mike Reeves, and then Adrian Warnock and on Tuesday this week the most excellent Chris Oldfield, who is pursuing some imaginative blogging threads: "Non-christian society is recognising and grieving human sin more than most Christians and are literally calling for repentance (an utter changing of mind), but crying out for compelling reasons"


  1. A facebook friend of a relative notes that one university somewhere in the world is in "Darwin Week" including a talk on "The Struggle for Existence in a World of Climate Change".

    Someone want to write that lunchbar?

  2. 'most excellent' - Bish are you secretly Bill or Ted? Totally righteous!