Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The FREE Gospel Project (Exeter)

Yesterday I connected with FREE at Exeter.

Dan Roach spoke on "The Historical Jesus" to a full room at lunchtime, and then John Risbridger spoke on "Who is Jesus" in the evening. Great to be reminded of the goodness and reasonableness of the gospel, rooted in history, revealed in the Bible - the kind of thing that those who want to embrace free thinking will investigate. The evening was particularly well done - outstanding venue - Bostons Tea Party, great Jazz, helpful testimony, quality talk. Most encouraging point of yesterday: "Cat prayed with a girl as angels rejoiced today!" - pray for as he makes her first steps as a Christian and connects into the local church.

Similar events are ongoing at Bath and Plymouth this week in the South West, and elsewhere at Newcastle, Southampton, Surrey and many other Universities. The Free Gospel Project is in action, Christian students are reading Mark's gospel with non-Christian students. C'mon!

I'll come back to this quote but had to drop it in: "Every sermon I come to hear, I must expect to be nearer heaven or nearer hell."Jeremiah Burroughs, Gospel Fear, page 20. Tasty, and precisely what's happening on campus as God's word rings out.


  1. Appreciate the link. Praying for you guys down there in the hot and sunny south ;-)

    God bless.

    Dear Freedom

  2. Hot and sunny. Haha.
    Its so cold it snowed in Devon last week and that NEVER happens.

  3. Ahhh Boston Tea Party... how I miss you.