Friday, February 27, 2009

"First were the buses. Now atheists get a student society"

Atheist or Secular socities at Universities aren't all that new, but they're news now at The Guardian.
Every religion on campus has its student society, from the Christian Union to the Jedi Knights. Now the non-religionists will have theirs too. The National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies launches today to mobilise non-believers. The "anti-God squad", as it is happy to be called, says it will fight for the voices of what it believes to be the majority of students to be heard on campus and further afield. It is planning campaigns and events across the country to protest against religious privilege and promote the understanding of science.
Long-live the anti-theists as they promote debate and discussion of these things. As Pod Boghal puts it:
"Universities are a marketplace of ideas where concepts can be exchanged. Anything that encourages intelligent and meaninful discussion we see as positive. We are thankful for the atheist bus campaign because it raised awareness of spiritual things and put God on the agenda."


  1. Reminds me of the two tenets of atheism (according to Wilson):

    1. There is no God
    2. I hate him

    An exciting time to be a student.

  2. David Attenborough just acknowledged on Jonathan Ross' show that an acceptance of evolutionary theory does not necessarily preclude a belief in God. He is undecided on the matter. Not the madness of blind Dawkinism!

  3. Vince, that's interesting. I do think we have to distinguish between The Science of Evolution and The Myth of Evolution (Evolutionism?).

    The Science (to some extent) is surely compatible with theism, The Myth isn't.

    Attenborough articulates The Myth in his recent Darwin programme, as Dawkins does in his books... splitting the atom on this issue would open up debate a bit more clearly.