Friday, February 27, 2009

Tim Chester: The curiosity of worshipper finding fresh delight in the work of his Creator...

Tim Chester completes a three part series on a kind of evangelism that you'll be up for... Part 3: Love Life:
Bill (who’s a real person) is an American friend of mine. He doesn’t really get football, rugby or cricket. I don’t think he enjoys them very much. But when he watches a game with us he’s enthusiastic. He gets pleasure from our pleasure. It’s the same with a hundred and one other topics. If Bill finds out your interest in something then the next time he sees you you’ll find he’s done some research. It’s not a technique. It’s not faked. He has a godly curiosity and delight in everything. And funnily enough, everyone loves having Bill around.
I think, for me, one of the tests of sin in my heart is whether I have that curiosity for others or whether I'm so curved in on myself that I couldn't care less about other people.

Tim recommends Julian Hardyman's Glory Days / Maximum Life. I wholeheartedly agree with him. I also enjoyed listening to Tom Price on Apologetics at whilst doing some admin this afternoon, not least because you can hear Tom's passion for apologetics and for films in his voice, and because it's great to see God's work in his life since those early days after he became a Christian at Reading.

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