Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bible Study that makes you go 'Bananas for Jesus'?

Marcus continues his journey towards Bible Enjoyed with some questions to consider in Bible Study....
  1. What did this passage say to it's original hearers?
  2. What did this passage mean to its original hearers?
  3. What was this passage written in order to achieve?
  4. How does this part of God's word intend to draw forth faith from my heart and my hearers hearts?
  5. Are hearers going to pursue God for himself, and be yet keener to get into God's puposes for the world as a result of this study?
  6. Are they casting themselves on him as their all-sufficient Lord and King as a result of this study?
  7. Is this study achieving the goal that the passage was written to achieve (4. above)? If not, its not yet a good study
"What do you want from your Bible studies? I want to know that people's love, awe and homage of God increased as a result of the study. That we feel deeper a godly disgust at sin and evil, honesty about our need for grace, concern to cry to God for mercy, delight at being adopted and justified, passion for the things of Heaven, relish at the beauty of Christ, wonder at having died and being hidden with Christ in God. Therefore the worst thing in the world is the sermon or study that is dispassionate. That shows by it's demeanor that we haven't felt the force of God speaking. How dare we do studies like that?"

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