Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Be "the Bible guy" because the gospel matters

I love the church and I love the gospel and I love book by book Bible-exposition that impresses the gospel on human hearts (how could anyone not!?)....its why I love doing the crazy job I get to do with UCCF in the South West and this sort of stuff makes me want to press on in the gospel to keep doing it, and one day perhaps God will gracious let me do this stuff week in week out for a local church....

The Holy Spirit scared the wits out of me yesterday in 2 Peter 1v8 saying that if I'm not growing in my character then I have ineffective knowledge of Jesus. Flip. I need the gospel. I really need the gospel.

Matt Chandler on 1 Timothy 4:
They know about him, but they don’t know him....

"Listen. The gospel matters. Getting the gospel right matters. If you get the gospel wrong and you don’t distinguish between what the gospel is and what morality is, then what you’ve done at best is restrain the hearts of people, but you won’t see their hearts transformed. If you don’t get the gospel right, you will inoculate your people to Jesus.
Paul is pleading with Timothy here: “Be trained in the gospel. Let it stir up your affections. Know the gospel.”
Every new philosophy of ministry has to go through the filter of the gospel. He doesn’t stop there, but says that not only is the gospel important but all the doctrines that flow from it. I was at a large conference and I’m backstage eating with some of the other speakers. A guy called me “The Bible Guy.” The Bible Guy? Shouldn’t we all be the Bible-Guy, dumb-dumb? Somehow, hyper-fundamentalism and doctrine have become synonymous, and we’re lost as to how worship has faded. Seeing God rightly stirs the affections of the soul. I preach through books of the Bible. The thing about doing that is that the Scriptures will gently and consistently, lovingly pressure your people’s assurance."
- Matt Chandler at DG09: A Shepherd and his unregenerate sheep

- The Village Church
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  1. Flip. Don't we all need the gospel. Thanks for the reminder. How easy it is to forget even when we think we are remembering! We are masters at deceiving ourselves.

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