Saturday, January 10, 2009

Viva La Yoghurt (or, UCCF Staff Conference '09, or Mine's a Hobsons Best)

Last week I was offline attending our annual Staff Conference (sorry, you were unwittingly reading pre-scheduled posts last week). It was a great week that made me glad to be part of a fellowship founded on The Trinity and the grace of God from which a commitment to unite, to persuasive and creative evangelism flow, and with which come increasingly clearly developed doctrines of creation and humanity fused with a passion to enjoy life - that is to say, Biblical Evangelical Christianity. This stuff has all been there in the DNA for decades but maybe hasn't always shown itself clearly, humbly, imaginatively or joyfully - but what I find are people who want to grow and change.

The teaching received from Don Carson, Mike Reeves, Jason Clarke, Tim Rudge and Pablo Martinez has given me much to think about and implement into life and ministry, the shape of marriage, parenting, upcoming ministry and refining my sabbatical plans. I enjoyed arriving late and having dinner with David Field (the dinner not the lateness) on the first evening. Happy times.

The standouts for me were our evening of culture with the outstanding Lewis Green & Clive Parnell, Ally Gordon & Luci "Bimbo" Metcalf, and Dan Peterson & Cully, and the (often late night) conversations with colleagues about the need for creative, engaging, imaginative life.  

More reflections on those to follow when I wake up - for all the quality moments my confession is I stayed up too late all week and my face isn't lying about the tiredness.

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