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Tedd Tripp in the UK

My good friends at Sovereign Grace Ministries are hosting a biblical parenting conference on 21st March 2009 in Bristol. Information at Shepherding a Child's Heart, 9.30am-4pm, cost £6 (rising to £8 after end of January).

"The conference is specifically designed for parents with children of any age. We also believe it will prove beneficial to grandparents, children’s ministry workers, and anyone who has a desire to be a parent in the future!"

If you're anywhere within reach of Bristol I'd highly recommend this conference.


  1. You might find the following blogs of interest about C.J. Mahaney and the group he leads:

    Hope this helps.

  2. Steve. Seriously I'm going to start just deleting your comments if you keep trolling on everything I post about SGM.

    You're not helpful, at all. Sorry. If you want to interact with the subject of a post, then by all means comment. If not - please don't.

  3. Dave

    Speaking of parenting, you might want to look at the blog. The latest posting are about how leadership at the Fairfax VA SGM Church seemed to try and hide the actions of a child predator (3 year old girl victim).

    SGM has not supposedly contacted Peacemakers to try and mediate this. This seems to indicate SGM is finally acknowledging that what was shared on this blog happened. Others report similar problems at other SGM churches.

    How is this for parenting?

  4. Your chief point seems to be that SGM is not perfect. I don't doubt there are problems. And not just in SGM, but in all churches for that matter. I don't minimise them.

    Wjat I don't see is the need to troll blogs or to persist with websites such as yours. We've been through this before. You can run your website and you can say what you like online. I just wish you'd interact with the content of a post rather than just trolling.

    As for the approach to parenting - Tedd Tripp works with other churches than just SGM, and even then no-one is suggesting his approach is perfect, but that we might all have something to learn. And that this conference might offer some help for us - not least because a friend of mine is organising it.

  5. "As for the approach to parenting - Tedd Tripp works with other churches than just SGM, and even then no-one is suggesting his approach is perfect, but that we might all have something to learn."

    Please educate yourselves first about the sexual and emotional harm that spanking (one of Tripp's big bandwagons) can do to children.
    "I can remember having thoughts and fantasies about being spanked from the time I was five years old. I was quite amazed at the parallels I discovered in other's accounts of how spanking affected sexuality. I remember looking up the word "spanking" in the dictionary to get a sexual reaction. I remember that when I would play with myself as a five year old, I would always imagine that someone was spanking me. As an adolescent spanking fantasies were a part of my masturbation. Anything related to spanking would give me a sexual reaction; whether it was a scene of corporal punishemnt in a book, or a movie. Even Many christian parenting books which described how to "appropritely" spank your child, could get me aroused. So I am quite grateful for all your articles as to how spanking fetishes develop. It has helped me understand a lot about how the churches' distorted teachings have affected my sexuality."

    When your child finds that he or she can only be sexually stimulated by fantasizing about spanking, will Tripp's advise seem so wise?

    Of course, your regrets won't save your child from lifetime of dysfunctional sexuality.


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