Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oh, joy above all joys! You will breathe praise!

Oh, joy above all joys! The day is coming when I shall "know as I am known," when I shall not want to ask whether I am his or not, for in his arms encircled, there shall be no room for doubt. Oh! Christian, you think there are slips between your lips and that cup of joy, but when you grasp the handle of that cup with your hand, and are drinking draughts of ineffable delight, then you will have no doubt or fear.
"There you shall see his face, And never, never sin
There from the rivers of his grace, Drink endless pleasures in." (CH Spurgeon on Heavely Rest)

and similiarly:

"On earth is the place where God makes musical instruments and tunes them—and between now and Heaven He will put all that is within them into fit condition for blessing and praising His name eternally! In Heaven every part of the man will bless God without any difficulty. No need for a preacher there to exhort you! No need for you to talk to yourself and say, “Bless the Lord, O my Soul”—you will do it as naturally as now you breathe! You never take any consideration as to how often you shall breathe and you have no plan laid down as to when your blood shall circulate because these matters come naturally to you. And in Heaven it will be your nature to praise God! You will breathe praise! You will live in an atmosphere of adoration and like those angels who for many an age, day without night, have circled the Throne of Jehovah rejoicing, so will you! But I will not speak much on that, or you will be wanting to be flying away to our own dear country." (in, The Saints Blessing the Lord)

Bring on "Heaven", bring on God's renewed creation.


  1. Of course, we mustn't confuse heaven and the new creation...