Friday, January 02, 2009

Loving church

We've been home in the newfrontiers family of churches together on a mission for almost a year now. I say home because I've been hooked into the newfrontiers vision for church for over five years through partnership and friendship with guys in Reading, long before we moved down to Devon.


  1. I enjoyed your blog today. It's a great way for me to start my day. I just finished a new book (through Lulu) geared at new Christians. It's a tool to give them a method for studying the Bible. You can see more information on it at my blog - Be encouraged. Lawrence

  2. Just found your blog and enjoyed the resource. Keep at it and grace for 2009. David

  3. That was much better than I expected it to be. That's a nice video. Some real skill in the editing and filming as well as the presenters. And the interlinking with the TV, rug and lamp works quite nicely. Gives a continuity. Excellent use of creativity. And each presenter gives us a fantastic vision. It kinda makes me want to get involved! But, God has things for me outside NFI, as he has for many people. Loved it, really good stuff.

    My only negatives would be that the advance of the Kingdom and the recorded proclamations of the gospel wasn't always in the form of a local church in Acts, as one of the presenter suggests that it is at 3:59. For example, there is the Ethiopian Eunoch and Paul's engagements at Acts 17. Although he is sent by a church, this isn't really what the presenter at 3:59 is talking about. He's talking about Church planting. We still need to allow room, as Scripture does for public and personal proclamation of the gospel that happens outside of the context of the local church. CU mission work and parachurch organisations would be other examples. Also engagement with culture needs to go beyond just relevant exegesis to persuasion and rational reflection, good solid thinking. There are thousands of Christians out there whose faith is crumbling not because it isn't relevant, but because they don't know why it is true. They need foundations. Reasons. Evidence. Finally, it also seems very male dominated. Why aren't there any women represented Terry?

  4. Glad you were pleasantly surprised, I like the quality of it.

    You're right about the clarity needed on non-church stuff, I think newfrontiers has made some big steps in getting what parachurch ministry that loves the church is about... seeing that the work of a CU or other contexts - I guess the key for newfrontiers is that the goal ultimately has to be to build local church, which any CU or any other ministry obviously would buy into. Newfrontiers will have to see that parachurch ministry is valid and actually beneficial to what it's doing - but when you're a relatively young and relatively small movement (200 UK churches isn't all that big) maybe it's not always obvious how partnerships etc would add much.

    I agree on the need for apologetics - I know you're not all that Keller-impressed but personally I'm glad that a year of Driscoll's encouragement engagement-with-culture is being built on by Keller's apologetics and heart-engagement.

    As for the male thing... that'll be elders casting the vision I guess... :) I'm slightly disturbed that these guys all kinda talk the same way, but I do like their confident passion to lead and plant churches - which is what they're called to.... and maybe you and I might do the same one day.