Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get a bigger God! (Jonah 2v8-9)

I had the honour of preaching at the first ECU Central meeting of term last night. What do you say at the start of a new term? They're doing a three part series on defeater beliefs and key issues that might keep them from living and speaking for Jesus. My issue was embarrassment of exclusive claims - and it seemed like a decent idea at the time to do that from Jonah through the lense of The God of Grace vs. Idols. That plays out in a call todie to idols and rise to live in Christ, unembarressed by the exclusive claims of Christ (which are reasonable and sensible) and delighted by the gospel, gaining a bigger vision of God, from Jonah 2v8-9.
Download MP3: Get a Bigger God (Jonah 2v8-9) (35mins)


  1. Finally got round to listening to it. Good preach, thanks.
    BUT i sincerely hope you were wrong about the future of manufacturing in the UK. (Take one guess what my dad's job involves!)