Monday, January 19, 2009

Ephesians (Mark Lauterbach)

Just noticed that Mark Lauterbach of Grace Church San Diego is preaching through Ephesians at the moment. Not had a chance to listen to them yet but Mark is a brilliant example of gospel driven ministry, and the author of The Transforming Community. I expect this worth adding to your iPod - they're going onto mine.
Some of the series is by Eric Turbedsky who is also excellent.

Meeting both of them ranks among the many highlights of going to the USA last year.
I worked through Ephesians a couple of years ago - notes here


  1. Thanks for this David. I'm a huge fan of Ephesians and whatever I can get to allow me to develop an appreciation for it is worthwhile to me.

  2. CD, enjoy. Ephesians is glorious.

    Bookwise I've found Terry Virgo's Does the Future have a Church and Peter O'Brien's Pillar Commentary on Ephesians to be good helps.